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July 9th, 2011

Pedicabbing Tales

I picked up a second job this summer to make a little extra money for the school year. As a hobby, it's wonderful. I get to ride a bike around an amazing city, pestering people and generally getting paid for it. It's not very much money, but it's a lot of fun. Getting the job was very easy - we're independent contractors so I called up, went for an interview and paid a fee for training. After that... I was officially a professional cyclist. Sorta. :) I sign up for shifts, go into work, pay my shift fee and then take my cab out. Our particular company works solely off of tips - we don't charge specific rates or mileage. We range all over the downtown area, which lets us take rides that are a couple miles long and gives us plenty of hills to climb.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks into my pedicabbing adventure, my boss told me they'd run out of work for me to do... they didn't want to but they were going to have to send me home for unpaid leave and when they were ready, they'd call and ask me if I still wanted to work for them. That left my fun pedicab hobby as my sole source of income... I've been pedicabbing a lot. A lot, a lot. So I thought it was time to start blogging some of my adventures on the bike. ^_^ Expect stories to be forthcoming!


Pedicabbing Tales - Mister Big Shot

The other day I was coasting up the road with another driver when we got flagged down by a group of three – a young lady, her apparent date, and their third wheel. They wanted to go to a club a few blocks and a massive hill away – no problem! The young lady and her date climbed into the other driver’s cab leaving me to spend a shockingly long 15 minutes with… a complete asshole. I should have taken warning from how much junk he had in his hair. He started by asking me if I’d been to the expensive restaurant we’d picked him up at and I said no, was it any good? He began to explain his connections with the owners and how much of a big shot he was. >_>

At which point the driver in front of me coasted through a yellow light and I had to stop… getting hit by traffic isn’t my main hobby.

“What are you doing?!” he asked.

“It’s a red light.”

“You can’t run those?!”

“Uh, no.”

“Oh man. You see this? This is your tip going down.”

Like I said, he was an asshole. While we were at the red light he began to reassert his big shot status, asking what it took to get advertising space on our shirts and reaching out to pluck at my shirt. As in. Touching me. T_T I really hate being touched by strangers, let me tell you. Anyway, I told him he could call me boss and started trying to climb up the massive hill… unfortunately getting caught at the light killed my momentum and it was fairly tough going. “C’mon” said Mister Big Shot. “Faster! Go faster! This is your tip.”

I have never been so tempted to kick someone out of my cab. I didn’t because I’m kind of a whuss, but I wanted to. For my troubles and agitation, he gave me.. $5.