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The End of the Year

So it's officially the last day of the year and like many people, I'm reviewing my year. There were, like every year, lots of good and bad things. I... have no inclination to dwell, I want to keep this reasonable, so I'm going to lost some of the things I'm proud of.

  • I went back to school full time
  • I maintained a 4.0 GPA
  • I biked to school all but two days last semester (the first, and last day of school)
  • I rode my first bike event
  • I finished and submitted my application and portfolio to my university of choice. (Everyone cross your fingers!)

It was a pretty busy year. :) And there's so many good things in my life and on the horizon. I have an awesome roommate who makes my life better every single day, whether he's patiently pedaling at my pace, leaving sacrifices of chocolate cake in the fridge, or putting on a ridiculous costume for his roll in whatever Devious Plan I'm involved in. (Thanks Scott!) I have the best possible of all jobs, which allows me to make my own schedule and go to school fulltime. (Thanks JJ! Thanks Mark! Please don't fire me!). I'll hopefully be transferring to university come Fall. And I have several really awesome bike events I plan on attending this year, all supporting really important causes.

Next week I'll be meeting with the first of what may turn out to be several doctors regarding my ankle. Please cross your fingers for me, I'm hoping medical science will get me back on my feet and running races again. One of the worst parts of this year has been living with a constant, low-grade pain in my right ankle that occasionally spiked up to high grade pain when I did something stupid. It's a minor complaint but it's left me with some serious admiration and empathy for people who have to live with serious injuries and pain in their regular lives. I'm feeling really positive about a better year.

Now I'm gonna get back to work and log another couple hours, before I go ring in the new year properly... On my bike. See you all in 2011!


Joseph Braxton
Jan. 8th, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
Glad to see you had a decent year, like everyone else it appears you've had your own ups and downs. However, the important thing is to not dwell on them, and not to be afraid to pimp slap life once in a while to remind it who's boss.