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That's My Bike!

The universe occasionally decides it ought to heighten my pleasure by introducing anticipation delaying tactics into my joy. Yesterday I was all set to take my new bike out during my lunch break but her tires needed some air and when I clocked out and ran downstairs, half in my bike shorts and giggling like an idiot… I discovered I didn’t have the adapter for her high pressure tire valves. And Scott had taken his hybrid out to Lake Crabtree, blocking me into the driveway so I couldn’t go up to the store. I was full of boos and hisses. When he came home we hopped off to the REI center where we bought a spiffy new floor pump (we’ve been using my cheap car pump to handle our tires) and some sport beans (JELLY BEANS!) as a treat for our next long ride. By the time we were done drooling over all the things we weren’t buying, it was much, much to late to go on a real ride. I couldn’t help myself and took her on a quick spin around the neighborhood… But still it wasn’t enough! So today we headed out to our favourite pub to get a bite to eat and a delightful 10 mile ride. ^.^

Here we are, getting ready for our first ride. Can you count how many layers I'm wearing to beat the cold?
Now you all know anything as loved as this bike is requires a name and after hardly a moment of thought, I decided the only name that would do was the name of the wonderful woman who arranged for me to have this bike. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the Bella Donna. There we are! I’m bundled up for the cold and armed for were bear, ready for an adventure! We wasted no time getting started – while Scott usually takes the lead and lets me draft off of his superior fitness, this time I pulled ahead to stretch my legs and test out my darling. I’d already warned Scott that I wasn’t sure on her balance and I’m was going to be adjusting to her shifting so I’d be a squirrel (someone who can’t be trusted to hold a line) the whole time and he was prepared.

The Bella Donna pedals effortlessly so here’s what Scott spent most of the trip seeing this:

After a couple of miles we coasted up to a stop light and Scott said, “I dunno if the Bella Donna is treating you right or it’s all the time on the trainer, but I’m actually getting a workout today.”, which made me feel pretty awesome. Although, to be fair, I did decide to give him a bit of a handicap before we left… I loaded my 6 lb bike lock onto his rack and threw some sand into his derailleurs. And occasionally when he looked like he was catching up, I slowed down kicked him a few times. These are things you have to do, to keep life challenging for your roommate.

We made it in good time to Tyler’s Taproom, our favourite pub and our regular weekend ride destination.. but discovered they were CLOSED! Some silliness about Christmas Eve or something. Totally ridiculous. Fortunately, I was too busy being extremely happy to care, so we just turned around and went home.

Thanks Donna. <3